Rose Stacking Ring Set - 5pcs (Made to Order)

$150.00 - $180.00
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This five-piece set features three hand-carved rose rings separated by two simple stacking bands. Made in your choice of sterling silver, blackened sterling silver, or brass. Wear them separately or stack them together to make an artful bouquet.

These rings are made from a combination of lost wax casting and fabrication. The roses were carved by hand out of wax before being cast in metal and soldered to a fabricated wire band. Each ring is given a brushed satin finish for a soft, romantic look. 

Roses measure as follows: small (~7mm high), medium (~9mm high), and large (~13mm high). Made to Order - please allow 6-10 weeks turnaround time.



Please measure your finger carefully before purchasing. The best way to learn your ring size is to have your fingers sized at a jewelry shop. Remember that all your fingers are different sizes, so it's best to decide which finger you'd like to wear your rings on ahead of time! 

If you are unable to have your fingers sized by a professional, plastic adjustable ring sizers are available for a couple of bucks online (just type the phrase "adjustable ring sizer" into your favorite search engine). Please be mindful of apps that measure your ring size by placing your finger or a ring on top of your phone. While these methods can work, there's a lot of room for error. Whenever possible, try to physically measure your finger.



All of my jewelry is fabricated, cast and finished by hand and as such will come with minor cosmetic variations that makes it special and unique to the user. Photos have been taken to represent each piece as accurately as possible, and have been edited only to remove background dust. No edits to the jewelry itself have been made. In the case of Ready to Ship items, you will receive the exact item that you see in photos. In the case of Made to Order/Pre-order items, your exact item will be made after you place your order.