What does "Glyph Artisans" mean? 


Glyph Artisans originally began as a side project. When Covid first hit, most of the art shows I had booked were canceled, which meant the jewelry business I'd spent several years developing ended up slowly fizzling out. I found myself spending more time indoors and looking for new hobbies. I stumbled upon the custom mechanical keyboard community; and, more specifically, the artisan keycap community. Artisan keycaps (also referred to colloquially as "artisans") are highly stylized accent keys, often hand sculpted and cast in resin in limited quanities. These collectors items felt so similar to jewelry to me, and I wanted to bring my own spin to the community by casting artisans in metal, something which has (to my knowledge) only been done by a very small handful of people in the world. 


Over time, I introduced matching jewelry to go along with my artisan keycaps, and slowly started focusing more on jewelry in general. However "Glyph Artisans" stuck as a name, so I've continued to use it to represent all of my artistic endeavors. Whether you're here as part of the mechanical keyboard community or as a jewelry collector, I hope you'll find something that speaks to you! 


In Stock vs. Made to Order


All items on the site are listed as either "in stock" or "made to order." In Stock items are ready to ship pieces that are typically limited edition or one of a kind. These pieces ship within 3 business days. Made to Order pieces will be produced after you have placed your order. There is a maximum turnaround time of ten weeks on Made to Order pieces, although often they will ship to you much sooner! If you need your Made to Order piece by a certain time, please reach out prior to making your purchase to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate whenever possible.




Items ship from the United States of America via USPS. Your shipping options will be shown at checkout. In stock items typically ship within 3 business days, and Made to Order items ship as soon as they have been completed.


My keycap doesn't fit on my keyboard!


All of my keycaps are designed to fit MX-style switches. 1u keycaps are typically used on the 'esc' key, but can be used on any standard 1u sized key. 2u keycaps are typically used on the 'backspace' key. 


Because switches all have slightly different stem tolerances, I've designed my artisans so that you can easily adjust the stem to fit different switches as needed. Visit the Artisan Care page to learn more. 


More FAQs coming soon! Have a question? Email glyphartisans [at] gmail [dot] com.