Storm (they/them) is a self-taught visual artist focusing primarily on small-scale metalwork. From 2017-2021 they ran a small jewelry brand called Unlovable. Today, they create under the moniker Glyph Artisans, making metal jewelry and artisan keycaps for the mechanical keyboard community. 

Storm’s work is influenced by a broad variety of interests: Victorian and Georgian antiques, their Korean heritage, natural history, and high fantasy to name just a few. Their process is as much of a hodge podge as their influences, incorporating methods both traditional and contemporary. These include hand carving in wax, using 3D modeling software, collaging together found objects and antiques, and fabricating directly in metal. The result is whimsical, dark, and romantic pieces that you’ll be sure to treasure. 


Storm also holds a B.A. in Vocal Performance. Prior to making art full-time, they worked as an event producer for Bay Area arts nonprofits for over a decade. 

To contact, email glyphartisans [at] gmail [dot] com.